Arthroscopy is a translation from Greek and literally it means: looking (scopy) in the joint (arthros). Arthroscopy is a technique that’s getting more and more important in veterinary medicine.


We are very proud that our small animal orthopaedic department is one of the pioneers of this technique. Since 1990 our experience kept increasing and we can say that our clinic belongs to the absolute top in this field. Subsequently our patients aren’t just fromBelgium, but also come from surrounding countries (The Netherlands,France,Luxembourg,Germany,…). We also organize an annual international arthroscopy workshop for interested vets.


Arthroscopy can be either diagnostic or therapeutically. The major advantage of this technique is the minimal invasive character of the procedure. This means that we have the same results as after a conventional surgery, without making large operation wounds. Due to this the patient will recover a lot quicker than after a normal surgery.


Another advantage of arthroscopy is the possibility to have a detailed view of the joint and treat the dog at the same time.


Almost every joint can be approached with an arthroscopy: elbows, shoulders, knees, hips, wrists and ankles. Every joint has different pathologies, such as elbow dysplasia or osteochondrosis dissecans of the shoulder (OCD).