Lameness Examination

Lameness is one of the most common complaints in veterinary medicine. Lameness is a way to show pain. Sometimes there is a simple explanation for it, but often it concerns pathologies that are not so easy to diagnose. Our clinic has many years of experience in diagnosing and treating dogs and cats with lameness. Preference is given to patients who are referred by their veterinarian, but animals without their own "pet doctor" are as welcome.

Through thorough research, a probability diagnosis can usually be made, which is then confirmed by medical imaging. For this we have the latest in-house techniques ranging from classic radiography and ultrasound to more specialized CT scan, MRI and scintigraphy. Recently, we made progress in the technique of intra-articular anesthesia (anesthesia of an articulation) for dogs and cats. This technique helps to determine the localization of the lameness. Also a bending test can sometimes help to locate the problem.

As an University Animal Clinic, we also have the task of giving the new generation of veterinary surgeons a full-fledged orthopedic education. Last year students will therefore be given the opportunity, under the guidance of an experienced orthopedist, to diagnose themselves and suggest a treatment. As a result, their experience is slowly built up and they have a broader basis for their further career as a vet.

Appointments for a medical examination can be made at the Small Animal Reception.