Orthopaedic Surgery

How well one tries to avoid, a dog is and remains an unpredictable animal, and sometimes it goes wrong: a broken leg, a dislocated joint, a ruptured cruciate ligament ...

Fortunately, today there are enough techniques to solve such problems efficiently and to smooth your dog's or cat's operation.

In our clinic we strive to help your animal in the best possible way. In the field of fractures, we are familiar with both simple (splint, braces, ...) and more specialized techniques (plates and screws, intramedullary pin, external fixation, ...) to repair the fractures. Our surgeons and technicians are always up to date with the newer techniques and materials.

Ruptured cruciate ligaments have been remedied for a number of years with osteotomy techniques that change the power of the articulation, although the classical technique also offers good results especially in small breeds by tightening the joint capsule (imbrication).

In dogs with a severe degree of hip dysplasia a new hip can be placed (Zurich Total Hip Prothesis).

Patella luxation or dislocations of any nature, are also solved, conservative as it may, surgical as it should.