The department has a digital radiography system. This system consists of a panel detector that converts directly absorbed X-rays (photons) into a load. This charge is sent to the adjacent thin film transistor layer or TFT layer, which transfers the data to the computer of the workstation. The images are digitally stored in an integrated archive (PACSonWEB). This makes the images available online for referring veterinarians and owners.

The main advantage of this arrangement is inherent efficiency. The images can be consulted immediately without having to take into account a waiting time as previously existed in the development of a radiograph. Unlike conventional radiography, the post-processing of the image with adjustment of brightness and contrast or image optimization can be performed smoothly. This prevents images from being redone. Additional stress in the patient is prevented.

For radiographic examinations, depending on the clinical condition of the patient, sedation is used or not. The rules for radio-protection are always complied with.

In addition to the use of radiography for diagnosing certain conditions, the Medical Imaging Department offers several official screening techniques (including elbow and hip dysplasia, osteochondrosis).

Appointments for radiographic examinations can be made at the Small Animal Reception.