Small Animal Artrhoscopy workshops



Ghent Small Animal Arthroscopy Workshops


Basic course: 7-8 Febr. 2019

Continuing course: 14-15 Febr. 2019




Get or improve your arthroscopic skills

The faculty of Veterinairy Medicine has a long tradition in teaching arthroscopy to small animal veterinarians. We train your skills with instructive lectures, interactive cases and intensive wet labs.

 Basic workshop

No prior knowledge is required for this course.

The goal of this workshop is to become familiar with the instrumentation and techniques for small animal arthroscopy and to excercise your newly required skills on the elbow and shoulder joint of cadavers during 3 intensively supervised wetlabs. At the end of the course, you should be able to perform a diagnostic arthroscopy on these joints.

The strenght of this course is that the lecturers have several years of experience in arthroscopic surgery as well as in teaching other vets how to perform arthroscopies.


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Continuing workshop

This course is intended for surgeons with some basic knowledge on arthroscopy, preferably already having followed a basic course. The principles are considered known, although a short refreshment will be given.

The emphasis is laid on the refinement of the technique, interpretation of the lesions and treatment decision. During the closely monitored and assisted wetlabs, the techniques for elbow, shoulder and stifle arthroscopy is demonstrated and exercised.

Based on their year-long experience, the instructors can give you their tips and tricks in a very open minded setting.


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Course instructors:

Bernadette Van Ryssen, Yves Samoy, Geert Verhoeven, Evelien de Bakker & supportive team





Recommended hotel: Ghent River Hotel. The shuttle will leave in front of this hotel.


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